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Genuss pur!

Piemont Passion ermöglicht Ihnen,  von Beginn weg einfach zurückzulehnen. Geniessen Sie das Privileg, sich um nichts kümmern zu müssen. Ein verlockender Gedanke, oder?  Vorfreude in der Vorbereitungsphase, ohne Aufwand und zeitraubende Telefonate, Emails oder Recherchen auf dem Internet. Sie dürfen sich  auf Ideen und Vorschläge freuen, die Ihren Vorstellungen entsprechen. Sehen wie die Genuss- und Erlebnisreise Form annimmt. Genuss Pur – vor, während und nach dem Piemont Urlaub von Piemont Passion.



The passion for always discovering new, rare and unknown things never lets us go. Every new pleasure and adventure trip enriches us and strengthens our passion for the country, its people and their traditional products. These impressions - which can of course be experienced most authentically on site - are invaluable. But the enjoyment and experience with Piemont Passion doesn’t stop in Piedmont. With and through our partners in Switzerland, we also exude a touch of “Italianità” here.


The anything but ordinary wine shop

The passion for Piedmontese wine, the passion of our winemakers towards their wines and the passion of our customers for unique, authentic, excellent, limited and rare wine unites us in VinAvventura “vino per passione”.


Our cooperation offer

A wine trip to Piedmont designed specifically for VinAvventura customers. Accompanied by the owners by VinAvventura (in development).

In the meantime, you can enjoy some Piedmontese delights at a VinAvventura event or order a few delicious drops of wine and a salame to take home.



At Winkel 6, 5332 Rekingen

Tel: 079 797 72 46


The family-friendly placement service


Jaqueline and Salmira are two upstanding women who successfully completed their training as specialists in caring for small children several years ago. They have now become self-employed with the Wunderstube and have thus made their profession their vocation!


Our cooperation offer

Here you will find our Family Special travel offer, which on requestcan also can be customized.

If you plan childcare in your everyday life, then you've come to Wunderstube in good hands. Whether it's a nanny, a daycare family or individual childcare on an hourly basis - there is always the perfect solution

Wunderstube GmbH

Wamplenstrasse 37, 8706 miles


Tel: 052 232 22 Mail:

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