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Terms &Conditions

1     Scope

1.1    These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) apply to all contracts between Ms. Maya Marsilio,

         Owner of the individual company Piemont Passion, (hereinafter “Piemont Passion”) and the respective travel participants

         Travel participants (hereinafter “customers”).

1.2    Differing provisions in the respective written brochures, travel documentation, booking confirmations, and others

         Contracts take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions.

2     Contract with Piedmont Passion

2.1   By confirming your registration in writing, by telephone or in person or by making use of

         Consulting services provided by Piemont Passion, a contract is concluded between the customer and Piemont Passion, provided that

         Booking concerns a Piedmont Passion service.

2.2    In other cases, Piedmont Passion only acts as an intermediary for third-party services, such as travel insurance.

         In these cases, the respective contractual terms and conditions of the third-party provider apply.

2.3    If a customer registers additional travel participants, he or she is responsible for their contractual obligations (in particular

         Payment of the travel price) as well as for his own obligations (solidarity liability).

2.4    The contractual agreements and these General Terms and Conditions apply to all customers, i.e. to all travel participants,

         esp. also for replacement travelers according to point 9.

2.5    The subject matter of the contract results from the service description according to the travel program.

2.6    Unless expressly agreed otherwise (see Section 1.2), Piemont Passion's services only begin from the travel destination

         (usually Piedmont). Customers are responsible for traveling to and arriving at their destination on time.


3     Prices

3.1    The prices apply per person for the services listed in the travel program (hereinafter referred to as “travel costs”). .

3.2    For travel offers with variable dates or for tailor-made trips, consultation costs apply, which are calculated per person

         (hereinafter referred to as “consulting costs”). The consultation costs do not apply or are offset against the travel costs, provided that

         they are planned trips are definitely booked by the respective people.

3.3    The prices are based on the assumption of a minimum number of four people.

3.4    The prices valid at the time of booking based on the date the trip begins apply.

3.5    Customers can request individual changes to a package holiday (e.g. extension) or other services within 15 days

          must be presented before departure. Depending on the scope of the changes, a processing fee will be charged in addition to the flat

          rate CHF 60.00 and CHF 200.00 per person are charged.


4     Payment terms

4.1    After registration has been received, the customer receives a confirmation, which also serves as an invoice.

4.2    The deposit is 25% of the total price and is payable within 10 days.

4.3    The remaining payment is due at least 30 days before departure.

4.4    For bookings made within 30 days before departure, the entire invoice amount is due for payment immediately upon receipt of


4.5    If the payment deadlines are not met, Piemont Passion is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to pay the cancellation costs

         to assert.


5     Travel documents

         Unless otherwise agreed (see Section 1.2), the travel documents will be sent to the customer after receipt of payment

        The entire invoice amount will be handed over or delivered. Usually 14 days before the start of the trip.


6     Minimum number of participants

         If the minimum number of participants of four people is not reached, Piedmont Passion is entitled to cancel the corresponding trip

         cancel (see section 10.1).


7     Cancellation or rebooking of the package tour by the customer

7.1    Cancellation by the customer must be made in writing.

7.2    If the cancellation occurs after booking the accommodation more than 30 days before the start of the trip, the Piedmont Passion is only


         Processing fee between CHF 60.00 and CHF 200.00 per person is owed. Amounts already paid by the customer will be included

         this will be refunded after deducting the processing fee.

7.3    If the booked trip is canceled within 30 to 16 days before the start of the trip, the customer will be charged 60% of the total price

         In the event of cancellation within 15 to 10 days before the start of the trip, 20% of the total price will be refunded.

7.4    If canceled within 9 days before the start of the trip or if the trip is not started without cancellation, no refunds will be given


7.5    The effective date is the date of receipt of the written cancellation by Piemont Passion. If the receipt date falls on one

         Saturday, Sunday or Friday, the next working day applies.

7.6    The same rules apply to rebooking as to cancellation.


8     Trip interruption or change to the trip after a customer has started the trip

8.1    If the customer has to end the trip prematurely for any reason or wants to change services, he has this

         Contact your local tour guide.

8.2    Piedmont Passion is not obliged to provide any refunds.

8.3    The Piedmont Passion tour guide or the local representative will be contacted in urgent cases (e.g. illness, accident or death of

         relatives, etc.) to help as much as possible with organizing the return journey or change. The additional costs increase

         Benefits of the customer. It is therefore recommended that you take out travel cancellation insurance.


9     Replacement travelers

9.1    If the customer is prevented from taking the package trip, he can assign the booking to someone.

9.2    The replacement traveler must be willing to enter into the contract under the existing conditions. He also has the special one

         Travel requirements (health, valid ID, etc.) must be met and there may be no legal requirements for his participation

         or contrary to official orders.

9.3    The customer must inform Piemont Passion about this within 14 days before the departure date.

9.4    Piedmont Passion will inform the customer within a reasonable period of time whether the named replacement traveler can take part in

         the trip (in high season this may take a few days).

9.5    The processing fee (according to Section 3.5) and any additional costs incurred are to be borne by the customer and the replacement

          travel take over. If a replacement traveler enters into the contract, the customer and he are jointly and severally liable for the payment

         the travel price.

9.6    If the replacement traveler is named too late or if he cannot do so due to travel requirements, official orders, or legal reasons

         Regulations, etc. do not participate, the cancellation of the trip is considered a cancellation (section 7).


10   Cancellation of the package tour through Piedmont Passion

10.1  If the minimum number of participants of four people is not reached, Piedmont Passion is entitled to cancel the trip within two weeks at

         the latest cancel before the start of the trip. The customer is entitled to the rights mentioned in section 12. More extensive claims for

         compensation are excluded.

10.2  If the cancellation is due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, unrest, etc.), this applies

         Customers also have the rights mentioned in section 12. Further claims for compensation are excluded.


11   Program changes, travel cancellation through Piedmont Passion

11.1  Piedmont Passion reserves the right to, in the interests of the customer, individual agreed services or travel routes before or during

         Change the trip or cancel the trip early if unforeseen circumstances require this.

11.2  Circumstances of this type include strikes, official measures or force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics,

         Pandemics, unrest, etc.) or other circumstances that make the trip impossible, significantly more difficult or a significant one

        endanger participants. Customers will be refunded the payments they have made to the extent they still have them

        were not used by Piedmont Passion for the trip. Further claims for compensation are excluded.


12   Customer claims for compensation

12.1  If a change to the program or the change to individual agreed services leads to a significant change in an essential one

         Contract point, the customer has the following alternative rights:

         a) He can accept the contract change within 5 days of receiving the notification.

         b) He can withdraw from the contract in writing within 5 days of receiving notification and he will receive the travel price already paid

         immediately refunded.

         c)  He can inform Piemont Passion in writing within 5 days of receiving the notification that he is participating in one of Piemont Passion  

         wants to take part in the proposed equivalent replacement trip. Piedmont Passion endeavors to offer this to the customer.

         If the replacement trip is cheaper, the price difference will be refunded to the customer. If the replacement trip is more expensive, it is

         original to pay the agreed price.

12.2  If the customer does not provide Piedmont Passion with written notice within the five-day period, the customer agrees

         Price increase or program change. The deadline is met if the customer receives the notification on the 5th day of the Swiss

         Hands over mail.


13   Travel insurance

13.1  Piedmont Passion recommends that customers take out cancellation insurance. Piedmont Passion is happy to be there in this regard


13.2  Piedmont Passion assumes that customers have sufficient private insurance coverage. The customers have to

         Ensure that you are adequately insured for accidents and illnesses abroad.


14   Passport and visa requirements, medical needs

14.1  Piedmont Passion informs its customers about the applicable passport and visa requirements, in particular about the deadlines for the

         Obtaining the documents.

14.2  Customers are solely responsible for the completeness and prescribed validity of their identification documents (passport, ID, etc.).

14.3  Piedmont Passion informs customers about the health formalities required for the trip and stay



15   Liability

15.1  Piedmont Passion is liable to the customer for the proper fulfillment of the contract, regardless of whether they themselves or other

         service providers carriers who provide contractual services. In particular, Piedmont Passion guarantees the customer that the selection of

         the products will be taken with great care companies involved in the trip and organized the trip professionally.

15.2  Piedmont Passion is not liable if the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the contract is due to:

         a) Failure of the customer;

         b) to unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of third parties that are involved in the provision of the contractually agreed services

         not involved; or

         c)  to force majeure or events which Piedmont Passion cannot foresee or avert despite all due care


15.3  In the event of other damage, Piemont Passion's liability is limited to a maximum of twice the travel price of the package price,

        Unless the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

15.4  Piedmont Passion's limitations of liability do not apply to personal injury resulting from non-performance or the

         Failure to properly fulfill the contract by Piemont Passion.

15.5  Activities and excursions that are booked at the destination or are not included in the agreed travel program are subject to the

        sole responsibility of the customer. Piedmont Passion declines all liability for this to the extent permitted by law.


16   complaint

16.1  If a customer has any complaints during the trip, they must be reported to the tour guide immediately

         be announced.

16.2  If no remedy is possible on site, the customer must provide written confirmation to the tour guide or service provider

         obtain, which includes the complaint and its content. The confirmation does not constitute recognition of a claim for damages.

16.3  If no satisfactory remedy was possible on site, the customer must submit a request for a replacement and confirmation from the tour

         guide or submit the service provider in writing to Piemont Passion within 30 days of the return journey. If this is not done in time,

         all claims for damages expire.

16.4  Piedmont Passion will then examine the claim for damages.


17   Health requirements, equipment

17.1  Some trips require good health or require appropriate travel for the safety of the customer

         Take equipment (e.g. good shoes) with you. Information about these requirements can be found in the travel program or the rest

         Travel documents can be found.

17.2  Customers who do not meet the requirements in this regard can be excluded from individual activities or by the tour guide

         Program parts are excluded. In this case, the individual return travel costs are borne by the customer. He paid

         Travel price will not be refunded.


18   Data protection

18.1 The personal data that the customer provides to Piemont Passion will be processed and used electronically,

        to the extent that they are necessary for the execution of the contract.

18.2 Piemont Passion will forward the customer's data to the service providers to the extent necessary for contract processing.

        These may be located abroad, where data protection may not meet Swiss standards.

18.3 Piedmont Passion can also use the data to provide a market-driven offer as well as for analysis, marketing and...

        Use for advisory purposes. In particular, Piemont Passion would like to inform customers in writing about current offers in the future.

        Of course, customers can refuse to receive information at any time.

18.4 Depending on the services booked, Piemont Passion may have to collect particularly sensitive personal data. So can

        Religious affiliation may be inferred based on a request for food. Such data will be in

        usually forwarded to service providers for the correct performance of the contract or in certain circumstances due to legal requirements

        Obligations or official orders announced to government bodies. By providing such information, customers

        You expressly authorize Piedmont Passion to use this information to process your business.


19   Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

19.1  This contract is subject to Swiss law. In particular, the Federal Law on Package Travel of June 18, 1993 applies to this

         Contractual relationship between Piedmont Passion and the customers applies.

19.2  The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Bad Zurzach, Canton Aargau, Switzerland.


20   Ombudsman

         The Swiss travel industry ombudsman should be contacted before legal action is taken. The ombudsman is

         strives to reach a balanced and fair agreement on any type of problem between the customer and Piemont Passion.

         The address of the Ombudsman is:

         Ombudsman of the Swiss travel industry, PO Box, 8038 Zurich, +41 (0)44 485 45 35,,

         Terms and conditions to print out

         July 2022 version

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