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Solvejg & Immanuel


How were your wishes and needs dealt with? 


Planning a wedding is of course very different from organizing a wine tour, but Maya understood our specific ideas and wishes after the first few meetings and so we were able to plan a very individual and personal wedding. So we approached our dream wedding together step by step.


How was the support during the preparation time?


It was perfect for us that Maya was able to clarify everything for us in Piedmont and we only had to be there three times. The appointments on site were always perfectly planned and we didn't have to worry about anything, including our accommodation and meals, and as a bride I found it difficult to let go of the reins. This wasn't because I didn't trust Maya, but because I wanted the day to be exactly how we imagined it. The further we progressed in the planning, the more trust I gained in Maya and her incredible organizational skills. You can rely on Maya 100%. As she is a perfect planner, she always provided us with information once she had clarified everything. This was a bit difficult for me at the beginning because the waiting time for new feedback tugged at my nerves. When Maya started to send me little interim updates, I became calmer and realized that I could always rely on Maya.


How did you experience the wedding day?


Our wedding was perfect for us! We had wanted a family wedding in a very small setting, where we could enjoy every second with our loved ones. So we decided to have a cozy dinner with (almost) all our guests on Friday and then have a casual breakfast together on Saturday on the day of the wedding. Saturday afternoon was the free wedding ceremony followed by the wonderful celebration. We were able to fully enjoy the day itself. Thanks to Maya and the help of our witnesses, everything was perfectly organized and we were able to let ourselves go completely. We spent a wonderful weekend with our families and friends. For us, it really was the "best day" of our lives. There are hardly any words for our day, just watch the video yourself.


How would you describe Maya Marsilio?


Maya is a thoroughbred planner through and through. Piedmont Passion lives through Maya and Piedmont Passion lives in Maya. She is a kind-hearted person and only wants the best for her clients. Having Maya plan a trip or a party means perfection.


Would you recommend Piedmont Passion to others?


We would definitely recommend a wedding in Piedmont planned by Maya / Piedmont Passion. The beautiful region, the delicious food, the good wine and "la dolce vita" are almost unbeatable. If you are also so taken with Italy and Piedmont and would like to celebrate your wedding there, you have come to the right place with Maya. She will conjure up a wonderful day to suit your taste. You can rely on a very organized person and leave the planning in Maya's hands with a clear conscience.


You are welcome to have these statements confirmed by the bridal couple Solvejg & Immanuel and ask them further questions on this occasion. Just send me an e-mail and I will send you the contact details. 

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